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Providing consultancy, data acquisition, processing and interpretation services for air, land or sea geophysical exploration activities.

Metatek, Your Geophysical Exploration Partner

Providing a unique insight into your geological challenges with market leading technologies combined with an internationally respected team of experts. Imaging the sub-surface for mineral targets, oil and gas, renewables or hydro, Metatek has a tailored land or air geophysical solution to fast-track your exploration timeline.

Geophysical Exploration Methods

Our suite of instruments for airborne geophysical surveying includes gravity gradiometry (iFTG/eFTG/dFTG), conventional gravity, magnetics, LiDAR and ground geophysics including magnetotellurics, gravity, magnetics and very low frequency (VLF). These instruments can be configured to complement each other to ensure the key objectives of your survey are met and a complete 3D earth model is delivered.

Seismic survey and mining projects can be configured using our quick and efficient survey tools ensuring exploration budgets are optimised and HSE exposure minimised. Combining Full Tensor Gradiometry (FTG) with seismic and other data provides a superior working model.

Know which Geophysical Exploration Method You Require?

Contact one of our team for feasibility studies, survey design, instrument availability, technical specifications and/or case study materials.

More About Metatek and Geophysical Exploration

At Metatek, we provide technology, help and support for all areas of geophysical exploration. This includes, consultancy, data acquisition, processing and interpretation services for air, land or sea geophysical exploration activities.

Our technical solutions and instruments are often exclusive to Metatek with an unbiased approach to resolving sub-surface geology. Technologies are matched to the survey objectives and to provide the best fit solution to your exploration challenge.

Empowering Geophysical Exploration World-Wide

Our airborne geophysical solutions allow access to inhospitable areas. This enables acquisition of critical data when the terrain is too challenging or dangerous for ground acquisition.

Whether rotary or fixed wing, the acquisition of geophysical data is extremely time efficient, de-risking areas quickly and grading targets for further investigation. Maximum resolving power is reserved for key areas of interest with both budget and time being optimised to ensure objectives and commitments are fulfilled.

Metateks  Suite of Geophysical Instruments

At any stage in the exploration workflow the Metatek suite of instruments are geared to fast-track the process.

Regional screening, de-risking of acreage, fulfilling licence obligations, target identification, planning seismic or drill sites, reprocessing work and or calibrating and constraining legacy data. Our solutions are geared to deliver maximum data in the most efficient way possible combining existing datasets with tailored solutions from our suite of instruments. Full 3D models of the available datasets are installed on your work-stations with a comprehensive face-to-face handover.

An extension of your exploration department delivering new perspectives and industry leading geophysical technologies.

Our team is your team

From geoscience collaboration to operationsknowledge transfer and community liaison our teams of specialists work as an extension of your company. If you’re looking for a geophysical exploration partner, then contact our team today

Metatek Geosciences
We work in all areas of non-seismic geophysics and are experts at integrating seismic and other geological data types into our projects; feasibility studies, survey design, pre-acquisition meetings, in-depth survey reporting, interim images, post-survey meeting, interpretation workshops. Our primary objective is to resolve geology and advance the exploration workflow. Technology collaborations are encouraged to ensure the optimal solution is deployed.
Metatek Knowledge Partnership
Knowledge transfer is critical; we provide the highest quality data, processed and interpreted to exacting standards and we want you to share in the journey. We offer knowledge transfer courses delivered by university standard lecturers; currently we have three Professors and five PhD qualified scientists working in partnership with Imperial College London, Durham University and Hawaiian Institute of Geology and Planetology.
Metatek Operations and Logistics
Consideration of health and safety, weather, terrain, political issues, local cultures, access, deadlines, timelines and environmental sympathy; will all be considered and discussed prior to deployment.
Metatek Community Liaison Partnership
Wherever possible, Metatek will actively seek out talented local personnel to participate in our programmes including, but not limited to, postgraduate students. Investing in the community goes together with our knowledge transfer partnership; along with local press releases, safety bulletins. HSE liaison is approached as a genuine partnership with our clients, passing on our experience and specialist knowledge.

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