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Client Support & HSE

Client Support & HSE

Metatek have an enviable unblemished HSE record. This has been achieved through thorough examination of the risks particular to each project and ensuring all measures to mitigate are taken. Daily workshop meetings and daily management reports ensure these steps are adhered to with an active role taken by all staff allocated to the project.

Metatek actively promotes 360-degree observation and embraces team working between client and contractor. A genuinely safe working environment is mandatory for our projects with a complete suite of HSE documentation prepared and signed off by our clients for every project. Metatek observes the highest standards in the industry drawing from IOGP (International Association of Oil and Gas Producers) and IAGSA (International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association) guidelines. In addition, the aircraft will operate within local Civil Aviation Authority regulations with survey permits and equipment importations secured with the aid of in country specialists.

A Quality Management System (QMS) is in place to ensure that its processes achieve quality objectives. The system documents the policies, processes, and procedures that the Company uses to accomplish these objectives, conduct daily activities, and provide opportunities to correct deficiencies, improving operations.

The quality assurance process includes:

  • Internal evaluation/audit encompassing safety and quality critical activities within flight operations, ground operations and maintenance.
  • Inspection/auditing of processes, procedures, documentation, training, and records.

A fully comprehensive suite of documents will be used for the project including policies, plans, procedures, and work instructions. Policies and lifesaving rules are posted at the site. They are also distributed to the crew along with the Emergency Response Plan and project risks assessments allowing discussion and review.

Community Liaison

Working closely with our clients, Metatek provides help and support for both mandatory and voluntary dissemination of information in relation to Community Liaison programmes. Details of the survey operation, type of aircraft, technology used, and the environmentally friendly aspects of the survey are all provided alongside any additional detail which may be required; it is in our interests for the survey to run as smoothly as possible and so every effort is made to assist where we can.

Whatever form the outreach strategy takes, Metatek actively supports engagement with the community.

Knowledge Transfer

Metatek is a strong advocate of knowledge transfer to our clients. The Knowledge Transfer Programme (KTP) implemented by Metatek includes both short- and long-term modules. Each client has a programme designed to meet their own specific needs (i.e., starting level of knowledge, end goal objectives). Normally subject matter includes data acquisition, processing and interpretation applicable to both land, marine and airborne environments. Focus is usually on transferring valuable skillsets that are readily transferable into other disciplines such as data manipulation, oil and gas exploration, geothermal energy and geotechnical mapping.

At an industry level, Metatek staff have experience in giving a range of courses to mineral companies, oil and gas companies and National Ministries of Natural Resources. These courses can be varied, in duration and technical level, to reflect the level of audience. A typical training programme would include theoretical lectures, real case studies and on the job training in each of the Metatek divisions (1) acquisition, (2) processing, and (3) interpretation.

Clients are trained in current software packages used to analyse and process exploration data in addition to using Metatek’s industry-leading proprietary processing tools and interpretation software.

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