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Outreach and Collaboration


At Metatek we are strong believers in contributing to research and academic development. Many of our personnel have extensive experience in teaching and supervision at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Several senior staff currently hold or have held academic positions (associate research professor / lecturer) during various stages of their career development. Our staff have taught degree level courses in exploration geophysics (seismic, potential fields), magmatology, volcanology, metamorphic petrology, structural geology, MINEX, remote sensing, GIS, petroleum geology and volcano geophysics.

As a result, Metatek has built strong, collaborative relationships over many years with several world class academic institutions such as Imperial College London where our staff have regularly presented material on non-seismic geophysics at graduate and post-graduate level. We have also provided external supervisors and project material for the students at Imperial as well as several other universities.

Industry Collaborations

Metatek partners with several leading technical companies globally. These include:

Lockheed Martin

The Lockheed Martin Corporation (LHM) is an American aerospace, defence, and technology corporation with worldwide interests. It is headquartered in Maryland, in the Washington, D.C. area, USA. The Lockheed Martin Gravity Systems team creates world-class sensors and systems used for commercial applications and build precision accelerometers and gravity gradiometers. The fidelity of their products is unrivalled, and the systems are designed and manufactured at Niagara Falls, NY.

Austin Exploration Inc.

Austin Exploration Inc. is a global service provider of quality marine gravity and magnetic data acquisition, as well as data processing and interpretation. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Austin Exploration has conducted marine surveys throughout the world, including the offshore regions of North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.


Since its inception in 1966, ARGAS has grown in to becoming one of the largest seismic data surveying companies operating in the Middle East and North Africa. With operations that span the Arabian Peninsula and Egypt, they provide geophysical acquisition services.  ARGAS has acquired marine and land based geophysical data from the Qatar peninsula to the Iraqi border.


TGS is a Norwegian energy data provider headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and with over 1,000 employees globally. Their primary business provides energy data and intelligence to companies and investors across energy markets. They offer an extensive energy data library, including seismic, magnetic and gravity data, multi-beam and coring, digital well log and production data, wind energy data, data to identify CCS opportunities, and other types of renewable data. They are also a world leading OBN provider.


Striped-Horse is an Angolan and UK based upstream oil and gas consulting and advisory company. Their primary interests are in developing and delivering upstream Geological and Geophysical surveys and datasets including seismic, airborne methods, CSEM & MT, geo-prediction/geomechanics, rock physics and geological laboratory services in Africa.

Broadlink Petroleum Limited

Broadlink Petroleum Limited is a Nigerian company operating in the oil and gas industry in the fields of exploration and production, consultancy, and support services. The Company’s activities also include refining, marketing, supply and transportation, and the manufacturing of petrochemicals.

EPI Group

EPI is a geoscience and environmental consultancy, delivering energy projects from onshore to deep water environments.  Their in-house support teams have decades of hands-on expertise and they have more than 2,500 associate consultants from over 70 different countries to call upon to ensure the right blend of expertise for their projects.

Elsa Energy

Elsa Energy SDN BHD is an integrated energy services & digital solution company based in Kuala Lumpur and operating extensively in the region. Their core businesses comprise of services and solutions in Subsurface Geoscience & Reservoir Engineering, Production Optimization, Recruitment, HR and Procurement Services, Engineering and Digital & ICT.

Subsurface Resource Consulting

Subsurface Resource Consulting (SRC) is a specialist oil & gas consultancy based in the UK. They have extensive international and UKCS project experience, and provide a wide range of technical geoscience, engineering and advisory services to customers including oil companies, service companies and NOCs.

Mahakarya Geo Survey

Founded in 2005, MGS has a highly competent and experienced team, with activities focussed on providing support to oil and gas companies, telecommunications industry, and government projects.

MGS has undertaken numerous navigation, positioning, marine geophysical, and topographic surveys, as well as aerial mapping. MGS also has several seismic vessels, capable of acquiring both 2D and 3D seismic surveys


H2Au is leveraging established techniques used in oil and gas exploration to screen and evaluate natural hydrogen occurrences in a play-based approach. Their access to in-house proprietary geoscience data is essential in deploying predictive geological models that can be used to identify hydrogen prospects for drilling.

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