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The hydrocarbon and mineral industries rely on geophysical services over the entire life of their assets.

Metatek supports these activities with airborne and ground-based geophysical data and covers the full workflow from planning, operations and acquisition to processing, modelling, interpretation and data integration.

In addition to these activities, Metatek assesses environmental hazards, supports development of sustainable energy sources and helps define and high-grade structures which may be suitable as CO2 storage sites.

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Contact one of our team for feasibility studies, survey design, instrument availability, technical specifications and/or case study materials.

What does Metatek do?

Metatek can project manage your exploration programme from pre-feasibility investigations through survey planning, ensuring your data acquisition – whether airborne or on land – delivers the results you need.

The company ensures that the highest standards of safety in the field are met, and the project is completed efficiently and cost-effectively. Metatek provides data processing in-house or on location to create an accurate image of your exploration targets. Once the data is acquired, Metatek can ensure it is securely and efficiently curated using our data management service.

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