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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Metatek can help define and high-grade structures which may be suitable CO2 storage sites by delineating salt bodies and basaltic rocks and associated faulting and fracturing. Globally, carbon mineralization in these rock types has the potential of sequestering up to 60,000,000 Gt CO2 if the resource is economically accessible and ultimately fully carbonated.

CO2 can be stored in depleted oil and gas reservoirs or saline aquifers. Storing CO2 in basaltic rock has advantages over these conventional storage sites, which lack the minerals (such as calcium, magnesium and iron) required to form carbonate minerals, which fix CO2 into a solid form. Basaltic rocks are composed of up to 25% calcium, magnesium and iron and are also common, and cover to 10% of the Earth’s surface as well as significant areas of the ocean floor.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

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FTG gravity map of Karsts (cavities in the sub-surface formed by acidic rainwater). The identification of the Karst system is critical for both modelling/imaging and in seismic acquisition planning and operations as well as evaluation of potential land collapse hazards.

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