Metatek’s core technology, FTG, in combination with collaborative technologies images the host geology, the mineralisation content and size of the minerals targets.

Vast tracts of lands can be screened for deposits with increasing resolution of graded targets; known geological structures can be identified which may contain the target mineral and this is confirmed with collaborative investigations.

  • eFTG images geology down to 100m in size, perfect for rare earth deposits, copper, and gold.
  • Magnetics discriminates the eFTG anomalies to further de-risk exploration
  • Hyperspectral clearly identifies the target mineral

Legacy data including ground geophysics and borehole data is reprocessed, interpreted and incorporated into the final earth model.

Be it a new venture or a brownfield development, Metatek’s geophysical services enable timely provision of high-quality data to support mineral exploration programmes, baseline and definitive feasibility studies, environmental monitoring and remediation works.

Known minerals deposits identified with FTG include but are not limited to: cobalt, nickel, graphite, manganese, lithium, copper, iron ore, gold, diamonds, and assorted rare earths.

Metatek has turnkey services which include planning, operations, security and logistics, and acquisition to processing, modelling, interpretation and integration of complementary data. Metatek offers a wide range of survey methodologies it can tailor solutions for to meet exploration objectives within complex geological environments.

Metatek geophysical services provide high-quality data to support mineral exploration programmes, baseline and definitive feasibility studies, environmental monitoring, and corridor mapping.

Metatek also provides planning, operations, and security and logistics for exploration programmes.

Our team offers a wide range of survey methodologies we tailor to meet exploration objectives in complex geological environments.

How do Metatek airborne techniques aid mineral exploration?

  • Airborne techniques are a quick and efficient way of surveying large, underexplored regions for minerals
  • We have the ability to conduct a multidisciplinary survey from a single aircraft to provide a comprehensive set of data
  • High-resolution airborne data provides a roadmap for more detailed land-based exploration.

By narrowing down the areas of interest to just the most promising targets, Metatek accelerates the exploration timeline for mining companies. Metatek provides the following data techniques:

  • Magnetics
  • Gravity
  • LiDAR
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Gamma-ray spectrometry
  • Horizontal magnetic gradient

Global coverage ensures a Metatek aircraft is rarely more than a short ferry to areas of interest ensuring cost-effective mobilisation for exploration across the globe.

Land-based services:

  • Once you receive your data from your airborne survey, you’ll want to take a closer look on the ground at your identified targets
  • Metatek offers a broad range of geoscience acquisition solutions ranging from time domain electromagnetics (TDEM), very low frequency (VLF), gravity, magnetics, and ground penetrating radar (GPR) through to radiometric dating and chemical analyses
  • Metatek employs highly-trained ground crews to explore even the most remote areas globally

Whatever your exploration challenges, we can help find a solution.

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