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Geophysical Exploration in Oil and Gas

Within the energy sector, exploration companies rely on an integrated approach to better define projects early on. This helps to minimise the risk of conducting expensive investigation before potential is determined. This is where airborne geophysical surveys in Oil and Gas can be valuable.

Metatek Geophysical Solutions

Metatek uses non-seismic geophysical solutions to support seismic interpretation by integrating gravity and magnetic methods. This provides effective characterisation of sub-surface environments, including sub-salt and complex structural settings.

Airborne Geophysical Methods in Oil and Gas Exploration

Metatek helps solve challenges for oil and gas explorers by application of the following methods:

  • Airborne and land data acquisition across the globe
  • Processing, mapping, 3D modelling, and interpretation of gravity and magnetics to support potential field exploration in sub-salt, sub-volcanic, and deep-water environments
  • Environmental mapping, as well as transport and infrastructure corridor mapping for logistics and geohazards mitigation

Unique Solutions For Your Oil and Gas Exploration Project, because no two prospects are created the same

We believe a geophysical exploration campaign should be as unique as your play. Metatek’s unwavering commitment to unbiased programme design is based upon the specific geology and not the available equipment.

Take a look at our case studies for more information.

Airborne Geophysical Data acquisition

Metatek brings together some of the most experienced scientists in the industry with an extensive range of state-of-the-art data acquisition equipment.

This means, when it comes to oil and gas, we are ideally equipped to take on all types of geophysical exploration projects in different areas of the globe.

Our in-house fleet of varying acquisition platforms means we respond efficiently to client survey requests involving:

  • Gravity
  • Gravity gradiometry
  • Magnetics
  • Horizontal magnetic gradient
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Gamma-ray spectrometry
  • LiDAR

Hydrocarbon-focused geophysical services in oil and gas

Metatek’s geophysical services provide high-quality data to support hydrocarbon exploration and hazard mitigation in oil and gas.

Metatek’s multidisciplinary approach includes airborne, land and marine data acquisition, data processing, qualitative interpretation and 3D modelling.

Metatek can also provide survey planning, operations, and security and logistics for exploration programmes. Our team offers a wide range of survey methodologies that can be tailored to meet exploration objectives within complex geological environments.

Metatek works closely with our clients to:

  • Establish the rock properties, in particular the relationship between velocity and density
  • Use depth estimation techniques to produce depth to sources over key anomalies
  • Create 2D cross-section geological models that satisfy the seismic interpretation and potential field data
  • Incorporate all the above into a 3D model to obtain constrained depth surfaces

Whatever your airborne geophysical exploration challenges in oil and gas, we can help find a solution.

How can Metatek’s geophysical services aid your exploration?

Cost-effective rapid acquisition
  • Airborne techniques are a quick and efficient way of surveying large, underexplored regions for a fraction of the cost of seismic
  • Metatek has the ability to conduct a multidisciplinary survey from a single aircraft to provide a comprehensive set of data
  • High-resolution airborne data provides a roadmap for more detailed land-based exploration by narrowing down the areas of interest to the most promising targets
  • Standalone marine gravity and magnetic surveys provide a rapidly acquired, fit-for-purpose dataset
Integrated datasets
  • Including a marine gravity and magnetic survey to an existing seismic survey, multi-beam bathymetric survey, or other hydrographic projects, has a relatively low impact in cost
  • Acquiring gravity and/or magnetic data concurrently with seismic data adds value in the interpretation process
  • In the absence of oil or gas wells or seismic data, gravity/magnetics can help to determine basement structure
  • Simultaneously acquiring LiDAR provides a high-resolution Digital Terrain Model to aid future planning
Data processing
Metatek’s processing geoscientists can transform and enhance your non-seismic data, regardless of its source.

We provide fast, reliable and interactive processing for airborne, land and marine datasets. We use the global industry software leader in Earth mapping and modelling together with our own bespoke state-of-the-art processing software to ensure that our clients’ processed data will provide the optimum input for an interpretation project.
Typical digital deliverables from a processing project include
  • Raw, intermediate and fully processed line data
  • Digital grids in XYZ format
  • Colour-shaded relief geo-referenced images (Geotiff)
  • Processing report (PDF)
  • Colour-shaded relief maps
  • Processing report

We come to you, there may be situations where you need your data processed in-house. Metatek is happy to send our processors to work remotely in your offices.
Integrated interpretation
Integrated interpretation is the key to geological understanding and risk mitigation, whether it is a regional assessment, seismic acquisition planning or well and field development.

Our interpreters have extensive potential field experience including integration with seismic, well, geochemical, and structural data.
Qualitative interpretation
Seismic, well, structural, geochemical and potential field data individually offer important insights, but their true value is only realised when considered collectively.

At Metatek, we believe in taking a holistic view of the dataset. Our qualitative approach is always tailored to our clients’ needs, whether it is a fast regional overview or a more detailed investigation that combines multiple data sources.
Quantitative interpretation
The goal of a quantitative interpretation is to delve deeper into the data, producing a set of integrated geological horizons to push forward the exploration programme.

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