The Metatek suite of technologies are particularly well suited to mineral and geothermal exploration.

Metatek Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) solutions combined with high-resolution magnetics and hyperspectral provide the data critical in locating the essential components in batteries.

This combination of technologies images the host geology, the mineralisation content and size of the target.

Vast tracts of lands can be screened for deposits with increasing resolution of graded targets; known geological structures identified which may contain the target mineral and this is confirmed with collaborative investigations.

  • eFTG images geology down to 100m in size, perfect for rare earth deposits, copper and gold
  • Magnetics discriminates the eFTG anomalies to further de-risk exploration
  • Hyperspectral clearly identifies the target mineral

Legacy data including ground geophysics and borehole data can be reprocessed, interpretated and incorporated into the final earth model.

Metatek Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) solution combined with Ultra Broadband Magnetotellurics (UBMT) and high-resolution magnetics provide the data critical in determining the viability of a geothermal source.

This combination of technologies provides a comprehensive solution resolving depth to basement, boundaries between impermeable caprock and reservoir, structural framework including paths and temperatures of fluids, presence of magma, depth to the Curie Point and a full 3D earth model of the geological area of interest.

  • UltraBroadband Magnetotellurics (UBMT) detects hydrothermal alterations; presence of clay minerals, presence of melts and fluid temperature variations in depocentres.
  • iFTG/eFTG delivers data from surface to 10km or more, identifying subtle faults and structures, and providing a detailed model that can be used to design a tailored MT survey, lowering costs.
  • Gravity delivers data in the medium to long wavelength window complementing the FTG data by characterising depth to basement, and density contrasts within the Earth’s crust.
  • High-resolution magnetics delivers depth verification to the Curie Point to establish the presence, size and location of melts, and the location and style of volcanic dykes indicative of crustal weaknesses.

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