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Experience and the right equipment alone are not enough to ensure successful execution of your airborne geophysical survey. The company must have both the appropriate aircraft, experienced crews with a proven history of successful operations and an excellent safety record.

All Metatek survey aircraft are properly modified to correctly house the different gravimeters and other instrumentation we use and to remove magnetic effects, resulting in magnetically quiet aircraft that will maximise the quality of the acquired data.

We have skilled pilots with long track records of successful operational survey flying with experience of surveying on all five continents. Our most experienced pilots have over 15,000 hours flight time and some, including our head of aviation, are designated flight examiners.

Metatek has flown hundreds of thousands of kilometres over 4 continents including mountainous areas of South America to extreme heat of the Middle East and everything in between.

Our flagship aircraft is a purpose-built DC3T with 8 hours operational endurance and STOL capability for use at remote airstrips. This aircraft has a 100ft wingspan for stability, five bladed propellers for smooth operation and over-wing exhaust systems for low acoustic output (< 88Db).

The De Havilland Canada Twin Otter DHC-6 is a twin engine aircraft with 6.5 hours operational endurance with Pratt and Whitney PT6A-27 turboprops. This aircraft is fitted with all the required avionics to operate in congested airspace and out of busy international airports.

Metatek uses helicopters when appropriate for surveys where terrain demands their use. Systems are appropriately installed to ensure clean magnetic data

All rotary and fixed wing aircraft benefit from demagnetisation of airframes and key components.

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