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Gravity Surveying

Independent Gravity Surveying is one of the services we offer at Metatek. A gravity dataset is acquired as standard during FTG acquisition whilst sharing the technically superior stabilised platform of the FTG. 

Gravity surveying is essential for capturing the distinct long wavelength gravity anomalies associated with the deeper structures. When processed simultaneously with the gradiometry data, a full spectrum broadband dataset is achieved, which is key for the mapping of both shallow and deep targets.

Gravity Measurement 

For gravity measurement, scalar or conventional gravity meters are used. They measure the vertical component of gravity only. It can be acquired in marine, terrestrial, and airborne environments using industry-standard instrumentation. Metatek can obtain scalar gravity measurements in all three of these environments.

Gravity Surveying
Gravity Surveying

Gravity Measurement in FTG Surveys

In FTG acquisition, scalar gravity data from the Gravity Module Assembly (GMA) instrument is additionally processed independently from the FTG data and provides a conventional airborne gravity product. This dataset is used to verify that the gravity field produced by the integrated GMA and FTG data is representing the regional gravity correctly.

Gravity Surveying from Metatek

As well as acquisition, Metatek has processed over 2 million line-kilometres of data in gravity surveying and completed close to 100 interpretation projects. These projects are often integrated with multiple additional geophysical and geological datasets. This easily makes Metatek the highest volume provider of combined FTG and scalar gravity globally.

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