Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry

Gravity gradiometry is used by natural resource, oil and mineral prospectors to measure and map changes in the density of the subsurface. This information is used to construct a picture of subsurface faults, structures and lineaments which can then be used to accurately target a variety of oil, gas, ground water, mineral targets.

Metatek has a full suite of gradiometers in our inventory comprising of an Enhanced Full Tensor Gradiometer (eFTG), Digital Full Tensor Gradiometer (dFTG) and Integrated Full Tensor Gradiometer (iFTG).

Metatek provides the most comprehensive range of Full Tensor gradiometers to suit an extensive range of geological challenges.

Our systems deliver the highest resolving power available in the World, the only Full Tensor system that can be mounted in helicopter and all systems are supported and maintained by the manufacturer to ensure optimal performance at all times. A fully comprehensive support and maintenance agreement also ensure parts availability and a service level agreement for routine scheduled maintenance; no other full tensor gradiometry provider can boast this level of performance security ensuring acquisition of data happens on schedule.

Feasibility studies are prepared for each and every project with bespoke survey designs, full budgetary proposal and measurable performance indicators, Metatek provides an unbiased recommendation on the best technical solution available using only current up-to-date instruments.

Key Features of Metatek Gradiometry Instruments:

  • All systems are full tensor acquiring all 9 components of gravity, no partial tensor, and no computation of noise to fabricate missing components
  • eFTG, dFTG and iFTG each has specialist acquisition benefits, Metatek can allocate the correct instrument to best suit your objectives
  • All three instruments have full support and maintenance from the manufacturer Lockheed Martin guaranteeing parts availability
  • All three instruments have the latest software and hardware as per manufacturers specifications to ensure optimal data quality
  • eFTG, dFTG and iFTG all acquire scalar gravity, magnetics and LiDAR as part of the standard deliverables
  • Minimal environmental footprint

Specific Technical Advantages of Metatek’s Gradiometry Instruments:

  • Increased signal recovery: The 12 accelerometers in the FTG (24 in the eFTG) are arranged to mitigate platform motion so that high signal to noise ratios are achievable in high acceleration environments such as atmospheric turbulence.
  • Short wavelength information: Minimal filtering means wide bandwidth data that retains the finest details of the geological signal allowing definition of small mineral targets as well as large scale regional features.
  • Offline imaging: Full tensor measurements help place an anomaly in its correct position when perturbing geology is present out of the plane of imaging.
  • Definition of anomalies: Flying low altitude draped surveys helps to maximise signal amplitude for small and subtle prospects such as mining and shale targets.

Metatek works closely with our clients to:

  • Establish the rock properties, in particular the relationship between velocity and density
  • Use depth estimation techniques to produce depth to sources over key anomalies
  • Create 2D cross-section geological models that satisfy the seismic interpretation and potential field data
  • Incorporate all the above into a 3D model to obtain constrained depth surfaces

Whatever your exploration challenges, we can help find a solution.

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