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Geophysical Data Processing

When it comes to geophysical data processing, Metatek has a team of expert data processors with over 50 years of combined experience. We can help transform and enhance your non-seismic data, regardless of its source.

One of our strengths is in the increasingly important field of near real-time processing of gravity gradiometry, conventional gravity and magnetics data. We work in applications where accurate, reliable, and rapid processing is an absolute requirement.

We use both bespoke proprietary and global industry standard software in earth mapping and modelling to optimise our analysis and visualisation of gravity gradiometry, conventional gravity, magnetic, LiDAR, GPR, radiometric and magnetotelluric (MT) data.

We help to solve geophysical data processing challenges for our clients by:

  • Processing and mapping of gravity gradiometry, gravity and magnetics to support potential field exploration in all geological settings such as deep-water, sub-salt, and sub-volcanic environments.
  • Processing of LiDAR data for the analysis and monitoring of terrain and surface geology processes.

This way, we maximise the accuracy of your interpretations that can contribute to an effective exploration program.

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QC and Interim Geophysical Data Processing

Our experts can provide quality control (QC) during airborne and marine data acquisition, enabling us to provide the highest quality survey data results extremely rapidly.

Typically, airborne data have been QC’d and interim processed in the field using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) methods within 24 hours of acquisition. This enables us to provide our clients with provisional processed results rapidly, allowing the option to refine the acquisition footprint during the acquisition program.

Marine data can be QC’d on a daily/weekly basis depending on the client’s requirements, and interim processing results can also be produced.

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In-country Processing and Knowledge Transfer

Metatek understands that sometimes you need your data to be processed in-house, either because of data security or the need to train staff. To enable this, we can deploy our experienced data processors to work in your offices. 

We can also undertake on-the-job training (remotely or in-house) tailored to your needs to help understand procedures, assist in workflows, and to maximise understanding of your processed data.

Reprocessing and Data Management

We have experience in working with legacy data, reprocessing, merging and data management. 

Our global knowledge of existing geophysical datasets allows us to evaluate and combine available datasets from various sources.

Bespoke Geophysical Software

Some examples of geophysical software tools we have developed:

  • Marine QC – analysis of geophysical data to give a clear indication of gravity meter performance, utilising Eotvos and vertical monitor (VMON) measurements.
  • Vessel motion correction – removal of heading-induced magnetic interference.
  • Levelling analysis for drift prediction – study levelling corrections as a function of time, constrained levelling enabling drift estimate and removal without still readings.
  • Advanced levelling – model signal and line level errors combined with Laplacian regularised gridding to apply low-order level shifts.
  • Bathymetry/terrain correction– Building combined bathymetric/topographic 3D model for accurate corrections both on and offshore.
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Typical Processed Geophysical Data Deliverables include:

  • Raw, intermediate, and fully processed line data, E.g., ASCII, GDB
  • Digital grids, E.g., GXF, ASCII XYZ, LANDMARK (DAT)
  • Colour-shaded relief geo-referenced images, E.g., GEOTIFF, PNG
  • Classified point cloud from LiDAR (Processed LAS files)
  • Processing report (PDF) 

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