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Gravity Gradiometry Feasibility Studies

Before Metatek commences detailed discussions with a client regarding a Gravity Gradiometer survey, we will usually conduct a Feasibility Study to establish the suitability of this technology to achieve the results required. We can also recommend which of our Gravity Gradiometers is best suited to the objective in mind.

The Metatek team will use the information provided to Complete two and 3D forward modelling exercises to model key parameters to establish the detection limits and sensitivity envelopes.

Gravity Gradiometry Feasibility Study Requirements

To complete a gravity gradiometry feasibility study, we ideally require the following data:

  • General description of the geology (it is helpful to include any past discoveries in the region if known)
  • The AOI boundaries (estimated is fine)
  • A Georeferenced Geological Depth Section (If a georeferenced section is not available, a conceptual cross-section will suffice)
  • Well Data, such as well logs, with depths, density, susceptibility, and formation tops where available
  • Rock density data values if no wells are available
  • Seismic sections with interpreted horizons, and if no seismic is available, we will work with any geological sections provided
  • Lithostratigraphic chart
  • Exploration target(s)
  • Depth to target(s)

Gravity Gradiometry Feasibility Study Results

The feasibility study results can be provided as a virtual presentation or as a report and are usually produced within 48 hours. The information provided remains confidential, and all data will be deleted after 90 days unless the project proceeds.

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