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High Resolution eFTG in Egypt

HORUS-1 MC, Phase 1


Western Desert, Egypt

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eFTG, Scalar Gravity, Magnetics and LiDAR

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TGS, in partnership with Metatek, has been granted exclusive rights to acquire high-resolution eFTG (Enhanced Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry) within Egypt in conjunction with the Egyptian Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons. The program includes a regional airborne eFTG multi-client survey, utilizing the world’s most advanced gravity imaging system, together with magnetic and LiDAR data. The survey is part of multi-year acquisition that aims to cover both onshore and offshore Egypt.

The first phase of the project, completed in 2020, covers over 113,500 square kilometres of the Western Desert, with 28,300-line kms of data acquired. Ganoub El Wadi Petroleum Holding Company (GANOPE) supervises all upstream and downstream oil and gas activities between latitudes 28°and 22°N which includes this survey area. The survey provides sufficient data on the geological structures and sedimentary basins in Upper Egypt to enable the Egyptian government to launch new international onshore bid rounds for the region.

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Egypt 2023 bid round blocks and HORUS-1 survey outline
egypt 2023 bid round blocks and horus 1 survey outline
Egypt 2023 bid round blocks and HORUS-1 survey outline


Interpretation of the Horus-1 datasets integrates legacy seismic and well data helping confirm and identify areas of interest for future exploration. The interpretation consists of both qualitative and quantitative stages. The eFTG datasets allow detailed information to be gleaned in terms of the structural composition, subsurface trends and lineaments and impact of the broader regional geology over the survey area. The magnetic data are crucial to understanding the distribution and variation of volcanic rocks. Of particular interest is the identification of sedimentary basins and basement structure.


The deliverables of this survey and study are as follows:

  • Bespoke processed package of eFTG, gravity and magnetic products, including numerous data transforms and derivatives to allow for in-depth interpretation
  • Interpretation, both qualitative and quantitative, integrating all available seismic, well and geological information
  • Interpretation products include, fault/lineament mapping, sub-surface structural information, 2D cross-sections, depth-to-basement maps, and sediment thickness isopachs, across the full survey AOI
qualitative interpretation

Enhancing Understanding in Upper Egypt

The Upper Egypt Desert is a vast terrain of sand dunes interspersed by rugose ridges and a large north-south trending valley.

Analysis of structural lineaments shows that the survey sits on triple the junction of 3 tectonic regimes:

  • Mediterranean regime in the SW (E-W lineaments)
  • Red Sea regime in the NE (NW-SE lineaments)
  • Pan-African regime in the south (NE-SW lineaments)

Adjacent proven plays likely extend beneath the carbonates, but previously sub-surface imaging has been impossible.  The new eFTG data prepares the groundwork for challenging seismic imaging beneath the platform.

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