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High Resolution FTG in Mexico

Blocks 10, 12, 14 and Western Extension, Tampico, Mexico


Tampico-Misantla, offshore Mexico

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Line kms:



iFTG, Scalar Gravity, Magnetics and LiDAR

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Metatek, in partnership with Comisión National de Hidrocarburos (CNH), has acquired high-resolution iFTG (Integrated Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry) over the offshore Tampico-Misantla Basin utilizing an advanced full tensor gravity imaging system, together with scalar gravity, magnetic and LiDAR data.

The project, completed in 2020, covers over 7,400 square kilometres, with 8,952-line kms of data acquired.

location of 3 blocks
Location of Blocks 10, 12 & 14
location of project area
Location of Project Area - Blocks 10, 12 & 14

Interpretation (only available with survey data)

The geophysical challenge in the area is the accurate interpretation of the top basement and associated structures and to obtain information of the basement on a regional scale. The project objectives were to derive a qualitative interpretation of the acquired gravity and magnetic data, 2D modelling to provide constraints and derivation of a top basement structure map.


The deliverables of this survey and study are as follows:

  • Integrated iFTG and AGMA (iFTG) data
  • AGMA stand-alone data (Scalar Gravity – not processed in conjunction with eFTG data)
  • Processed Magnetic line data are provided within the Geosoft compatible ASCII file
  • Shapefiles of qualitative interpretation
  • Digital grids in ASCIII XYZ format of selected transform grids used in the interpretation phase
  • Exported horizons (in depth) from 2D model
  • Depth horizons from 3D model
  • Interpretation Report (PDF)


For further information:

3d model construction
3D Model Construction for Forward Modelling

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