Metatek’s magnetotellurics (MT) datasets offer section imaging of the subsurface resistivity/conductivity as stand-alone or more usefully, to complement the spatial datasets acquired on an airborne campaign.

MT data can deliver both structural information and fluid path flows, a useful tool for hydrocarbon, geothermal, mining and ground water investigation.

Recent projects in Colombia demonstrate MT accurately imaging the target body. The unique approach deployed by Metatek started by flying a Full Tensor Gradiometry survey. This enabled the correct placement of the MT and subsequent detection of the target body.

Challenging terrain and a suitable geological setting combined with a restricted budget made MT an obvious choice.

Magnetotellurics key advantages

  • No protracted permitting application required
  • Quick and easy to deploy (ideal for challenging terrain and conservation areas)
  • Able to image seismically opaque sub-surface (sub-salt, basalt, carbonates, volcanics)
  • Extremely cost effective, saving up to 80% of equivalent seismic acquisition
  • Passive technique with no explosives or vibrating pads
  • Ideal for foothills, mountainous terrain and valley floors
  • Image up to tens of km’s below the earth’s surface

Magnetotellurics can be used to verify structures and de-risk acreage prior to embarking on expensive 2D/3D seismic programmes, at a fraction of the cost of seismic acquisition.

Non-unique technologies, FTG and magnetics, can now be constrained accurately using the direct measurement MT dataset.

Gravity, FTG or eFTG integrated with magnetotellurics will provide highly accurate and usable earth models to refine further exploration activities.

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