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Potential Field Geophysical Data Management

Potential field geophysical data management involves the collection, processing, storage, analysis, and interpretation of data acquired from various potential field geophysical methods. Effective data management is crucial to ensure the security, access, quality, and reliability of the data and facilitate meaningful interpretations.

Metatek understands the key aspects of potential field geophysical data management and has unrivalled experience in this area, having created and provided data services such as GeoVault®, which is a data management service for gravity, magnetic and other non-seismic exploration data which was hosted by the British Geological Survey (BGS).

potential field geophysical data

Potential Field Geophysical Data Management from Metatek

Our team has worked together on geophysical data management projects for both Governments and energy companies. Our staff have also created GIS National Data Archives, and we have provided knowledge transfer training for all these projects.

In our workflow, the project team is made up of geoscientists, GIS specialists and computer programmers. Geoscientists assess the technical and commercial value of the data and help design systems to capture useful data. GIS architects and programmers ensure the delivery of data in appropriate formats.

As well as the capability to manage and structure data, Metatek can re-process and interpret legacy potential field data as well as providing data archiving services which allow data sharing with relevant stakeholders. The long-term preservation of data ensures its accessibility for future reference.

It goes without saying that potential field geophysical data management practices should adhere to ethical guidelines, data privacy regulations, and licensing agreements if the data is shared or used for commercial purposes. Metatek has strict guidelines and protocols in place to ensure all compliance considerations are adhered to.

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